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Femtosecond Multi-Dimensional Laser Spectroscopic System

Femtosecond Multi-Dimensional Laser Spectroscopic System Leading Research Equipment Home

Femtosecond Multi-Dimensional Laser Spectroscopic System

Equipment Introduction

The femtosecond multi-dimensional laser spectroscopic system (FMLS) at the Seoul Center, which can observe fast molecular events on the femtosecond time scale, is being used for investigating ultrafast photochemical reaction dynamics of a variety of molecular systems and nanomaterials in chemistry, biology and material science.

Equipment Characteristics

  • 2D vibrational and electronic spectroscopy in the infrared and visible frequency ranges (lithium ions, gold nanoparticles, photosynthetic systems, etc.)
  • Pump-probe transient absorption spectroscopy of molecular systems and materials
  • Coherent Raman spectroscopy utilizing nonlinear optical effects (SRS, CARS)

Representative Research Case

Water dynamics in cytoplasm-like crowded environment

  • Femtosecond mid-IR spectroscopy using three different IR probes, HDO, HN3, and the azido-derivatized crowder, has been shown to provide complete information on the water structure and dynamics in a cytoplasm-like macromolecular system
  • It is anticipated that the triple-IR probe approach is of exceptional use for studying conformations of crowders and understanding their key roles in biological and industrial applications

Schematic molecular structures of water and three IR probesand time-resolved mid-IR spectrum.