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Bio High-Voltage Electron Microscope

Bio High-Voltage Electron Microscope Leading-edge Equipment Home

Bio-High Voltage Electron Microscope

Equipment Introduction

Bio-HVEM has been in operation as a national co-utilization equipment in basic and applied sciences for three-dimensional large-area-high-resolution structural analysis of cell organelles, proteins, and bio-nano specimens, as well as development of drugs and nano materials.

Characteristics of the Equipment

  • 3-D modeling of cell organelles by high tilting (±70°) and high resolution (0.15 nm)
  • Enhanced high contrast imaging using high accelerating voltage/in-column energy filter
  • Analysis of enhanced large-area with high resolution by limitless panorama function
  • Cryo-EM analysis by rapid and continuous freezing of biological specimen

Representative Research Case

3-D ultrastructure modeling of synapse and synaptic vesicle by electron tomography

3-D modeling of synapse and synaptic vesicles of brain cortex in RF-835MHz exposed animals, and statistically quantifying the changes of synaptic plasticity using the 3-D electron tomography function of Bio-HVEM. Analysis of synaptic plasticity using 3-D electron tomography, which is useful for understanding neuronal network and brain ultrastructure maps.

3-D electron tomographic model of synapse and synaptic vesicles in the brain cortex of control (A) and brain disorder-inducing RF-835MHz exposed (B) animal


  • 3-D ultrastructural analysis of cellular organelles using electron tomography
  • 3-D large-area analysis of biological tissues using limitless panorama