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SPE 800-MHz NMR-MS System

SPE 800-MHz NMR-MS System Leading Research Equipment Home

SPE-800 MHz NMR-MS System

Equipment Introduction

The SPE-800 MHz NMR-MS system is a hyphenated system connected by LC, NMR, and MS. It is a specialized instrument for metabolites/natural products to identify the structure of compounds by high-sensitivity cryogenic 800-MHz NMR after separating the mixture by LC.

Equipment Characteristics

  • Equipment for analysis of biological component and natural product
  • High resolution and high sensitivity of high-field NMR spectrometer equipped with cryogenic probe
  • High throughput analysis using automatic sample change system
  • Separation and structural determination of unknown compounds using LC-SPE-NMR/MS system

Representative Research Case

  • We developed a serum metabolite quantification method to provide an absolute quantitative method in NMR-based metabolic profiling analysis
  • By adding digital synthetic peaks to the spectrum using Chenomx and TopSpin's ERETIC2 utility, it is a reliable absolute quantitative method for metabolites in serum samples

Representative Prominent Theseis Applying the Equipment

Analytical method of serum metabolite quantification using NMR

  • "Software-assisted serum metabolite quantification using NMR."
    Young-Sang Jung, Jin-Seong Hyeon, and Geum-Sook Hwang. Analytica Chimica Acta 934 (2016): 194-202.

(a) Serum metabolite quantification analysis using NMR.
(b) Serum NMR spectrum obtained using Chenomx spectral analysis.
(c) Histogram for concentrations measured using various quantitative methods.