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2017 KBSI PR Movie

With world-class research facilities and expert researchers, the Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI) provides a platform for basic science research by offering professional supports and conducting collaborative studies.

Headquartered in Deadeok, KBSI has regional centers across the nation that offer world-class analysis services.

Moreover, it manages all the research equipment and facilities of the nation and fosters human resources in the field of analytical science and technology, thereby contributing to the efficient management and use of basic research infrastructure.

KBSI plays a pivotal role in the development of national science and technology. Its world-class R&D equipment includes a high-voltage electron microscope capable of observing a single atom, a Fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer that can detect trace elements, a high-field nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer that reveals the molecular structures of proteins, a high-resolution secondary ion mass spectrometer that plays a key role in geo-environmental studies, and a human MRI system used to develop disease diagnosis and treatment technologies.

Using such world-class infrastructure, KBSI has produced remarkable achievements. KBSI is strengthening our national R&D infrastructure by planning and developing new concept analytical devices.

Researchers at KBSI conceptualized, designed, and installed a super-high-voltage bio electron microscope and multi-disciplinary in situ surface analysis system. Further, they developed a superconducting ECR ion source and a high-precision thermal imaging microscope system, with many other analytical devices currently under development.

Based on top-tier analytical technologies , such as rapid norovirus detection technology, imaging technology for brain diseases, functional analysis for advanced materials, and monitoring of environmental radiation, KBSI has been reporting successful research achievements to promote national health and well-being.

As the general manager of the nation's research facilities and equipment, KBSI supports policies and institutions for the optimal usage of research equipment and facilities inside Korea.

It also contributes to the realization of a creative economy by customized support for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Moreover, it provides scientific experiences to the youth and fosters human resource in the field of analytical science and equipment.

Underpinned by its cooperative network with internationally renowned research institutes, KBSI widens the horizon of science and technology in Korea.

KBSI is an open research institute that is willing to support researchers with a challenging spirit. The future of Korea as a world-class science and technology powerhouse starts here.

On this robust platform for basic research, we keep tackling challenges with a passion to realize our dreams.

With the world-leading open research infrastructure for basic science, KBSI is the future of science and technology of Korea.

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