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Protein Structure Research

Protein Structure Research

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We are conducting studies of protein structure and biophysics, the foundation of biological phenomena, by using a high-magnetic field NMR and an X-ray diffractometer.

Research Focus

  • Development of advanced analytical technologies based on high-magnetic field NMR instrument
  • Analysis of three-dimensional structure and biophysics of disease target proteins
  • Study of protein-protein interaction
  • Structure-based synthesis of protein interaction inhibitor

Representative Research Cases

Determination of relationship between quorum sensing and sugar metabolism

  • Complex structures of an LsrK and HPr proteins, which plays an important role in quorum sensing, were firstly determined, and it reveals that the mechanism of intercellular signaling between bacteria is closely linked to glucose metabolism

High-resolution X-ray structure of LsrK and HPr complexHigh-resolution X-ray structure of LsrK and HPr complex