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High-Resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer

High-Resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer Leading-edge Equipment Home

Equipment Introduction

A high-resolution secondary ionization mass spectrometer (HR-SIMS, model: SHRIMPIIe/MC), which can measure the isotope ratio for microscopic areas of surfaces in solid materials, has been operated for research on geotectonic age and surface analysis of trace isotope elements.

Characteristics of the Equipment

  • KBSI SHRIMP is the first high- resolution secondary ion mass spectrometer in Korea.
  • It maintains a low detection limit (~1 ppm) with 10,000 mass resolution and 50% Transmission.
  • Multicollection system with charge-mode electrometers can measure Pu isotopes simultaneously.

Representative Research Case

Tectonics and U–Pb zircon chronology in the eastern Pontides Orogenic Belt of NE Turkey

Better understanding of tectonics of NE Turkey, which has a complicated geological history, is quite important. This study can be good example of how the precise in situ U–Pb age determination is able to reveal the evolution path of the crust and mantle in the past (57Ma-47Ma. 47Ma-42Ma).

Conceptual block diagram of slab window in the subduction zone of NE Turkey (55-47Ma, 47-42Ma)


  • U-Pb geochronology
  • In situ isotopic measurement of microtexture