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2018 KBSI PR Movie

The power that moves the world Science and technology that lead to a better future life

For advancement of science and technology, We work and study together, And build an open research environment, Seamlessly pioneering our future.

The institute that stands in the heart of science and technology development, it is the Korea Basic Science Institute, KBSI.

KBSI is with you.

Based on the strong network across the country, KBSI has been sharing the state-of-the-art research facilities and equipment, and producing outstanding results through analytic support and joint research.

We strive to solve national and social problems to make our life better, and to shape a better tomorrow as a leading national analytical science institution.

We share our analytical science technology and accumulated know-hows in order to support the small and medium size companies and provide them with mutual growth opportunity to establish the environment where the young generations can nurture the dreams for brilliant scientists of the future.

We have been building a healthy and efficient practice system of research facilities through NFEC by strategic investment, integrated management, and promotion of shared use of national research facilities and equipment. Science and technology that takes the solid roots in a foundation of sharing, and we believe in the strength of working together.

KBSI is an open research institute.

We have established the Smart Open Lap that is a user-oriented open lab.

We currently operate the Ultra Precision Tech-shop which will be used as a nation-wide large-scale shared research facility for optical analysis.

KBSI will be the central infra hub of science and technology where outstanding researchers around the world can work together on joint research projects and will continue to build the strong global basic research platform that can create revolutionary research outcomes through the cooperative network with international research institutions around the globe.

An open research environment that turns possibility into reality,

We create opportunities for a greater number of talented researchers.

KBSI is leading the science and technology.

We have established and operated the best research facilities and equipment platform of its kind. With the world’s Leading-edge equipment currently in operation, we continue to produce innovative research outcomes and to pioneer new research areas.

We put our efforts in developing our own high-quality research equipment that will drive new science and technology , leading a localization of research equipment.

A number of industrial, academic, and research organizations are working together for research equipment development.

We are striving to cultivate key experts and maintenance specialists that are essential for further advancements in the domestic equipment industry.

We are the first movers toward the bright tomorrow of the science and technology.

For the better life of our people in future

We research, we challenge, and we dream new dreams.

Our today builds the future science and technology of the nation, with a hope for creating a great history that can reshape the life of humanity.

World-class Open Research Platform, KBSI

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