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KBSI Analysis Support Service
KBSI is an open world-class basic research infrastructure institution that provides analysis support services for domestic & foreign basic researchers and companies. KBSI analyses more than 130,000 samples each year using about 185 kinds of analytic equipment, including large research equipment and universal analytic equipment.

Analysis Support Service in All Fields of Basic Research

KBSI provides analysis support services across all spheres of basic research such as BT, NT, and ET. BT sphere: inbiomaterial analysis for biological structure analysis, biological imaging, protein analysis, etc. Analysis services are provided in five spheres (25 utilized spheres). NT sphere: elemental analysis, analysis of surface properties, analysis of magnetic characterization, etc. Analysis services are provided in five spheres (15 utilized spheres). ET sphere: mineral element analysis, environmental sample analysis, soil analysis, radiological analysis, age dating, etc. Analysis services are provided in seven spheres (18 utilized spheres).

Providing Countrywide Network-Based Analysis Support Service

KBSI uses 8 regional centers across the country, in addition to the Daeduck (대덕) headquarters, to provide analysis support services. The Daeduck (대덕) headquarters and Ochang (오창) center provide analysis support services focused/based on the latest high-tech equipment such as high-voltage transmission electron microscopy (HVEM) and high-resolution Fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance (FT-ICR) mass spectrometry. Moreover, each regional center provides analysis support services based not only on universal analysis support but also on regional industrial specialization analysis services.

Analysis Support Services that Include Universities and Businesses

Through yearly analysis support for 130,000 samples, we provide analysis support services to all researchers, including those from domestic and foreign universities, businesses, and public research institutions. According to KBSI’s analysis support services diagram for 2014, universities (54.1%) and businesses (medium and small businesses 20.0%, major businesses 5.1%) accounted for the largest proportion of support, followed by contributing research institutions (13.2%) and national research institutions (4.4%). Other unclassified clients account for the remaining 3.2% of the diagram.