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7 T Human MRI System

7 T Human MRI System Leading-edge Equipment Home

Equipment Introduction

A 7 T human MRI system can provide ultra high image definitions compared with the conventional 1.5 or 3 T MRI system. In 2017, a parallel transmission system was successfully integrated into the 7 T MRI system, which enhances image homogeneity and dramatically improves the tissue contrast and image quality for the brain.

Equipment Characteristics

  • Actively shielded compact 7 T superconducting magnet and gradient coils
  • Eight-channel transmission and 32-channel receiving RF systems
  • Noninvasive ultra high resolution images and spectra

Representative Research Case

Performed translational research for practical development of 7 T human MRI. Some diabetes mellitus patients might have to have their leg(s) amputated due to the lowered blood perfusion and ulcers. Early diagnostic capability using 7 T MRI of perfusion rate and metabolism changes in muscle on the feet is important.

Perfusion rate and PCr–Pi concentration changes of a normal or DM patient foot can be sensitively measured by the 7 T human MRI system.


  • Improved high-resolution structural brain images at 7 T, in comparison with 3 T
  • 200-μm in-plane resolution image