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High-Voltage Electron Microscope

High-Voltage Electron Microscope Leading-edge Equipment Home

Equipment Introduction

The HVEM utilizes a high accelerating voltage for structural analysis at atomic- resolutions.The HVEM is employed in basic and applied sciences, such as in structural analysis of new materials, structure determination of small proteins, and development of infinitesimal materials.

Characteristics of the Equipment

  • Observation of three-dimensional (3D) atomic structure of materials by concurrently implementing its atomic resolution (0.12 nm) and high tilt specimen angle (±60°)
  • Chemical signal detection with high collection rate usingan advanced energy filtering system (HV-GIF) that utilizes the relativity effect
  • In-situ and cryo-EM analysis with customized specimen holder

Representative Research Case

Characterization of cobalt hydroxide for supercapacitors

Cobalt hydroxide exhibits high capacitance and long cyclability as the electrode material for supercapacitors. It was investigated at an atomic scale, and the energy storage/conversion mechanism governed by the modification of the electrode morphology was revealed. The advantages of the atomic resolution and high-tilt specimen angle in HVEM contributed to analysis of the crystallographic properties of cobalt hydroxide.

HRTEM images for cobalt hydroxide of electrode materials with different morphologies


  • Atomic structure analysis of the nano materials
  • Real-time structure analysis