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SPE-800-MHz NMR-MS System

SPE-800-MHz NMR-MS System Leading-edge Equipment Home

Equipment Introduction

The SPE-800-MHz NMR-MS system is a hyphenated system connected by LC, NMR, and MS. It is a specialized operational equipment for metabolites/natural products and identifies the structure of compounds by high-sensitivity cryogenic 800-MHz NMR after separating the mixture by means of LC.

Characteristics of the Equipment

  • This integrated analysis system is used in various fields, such as metabolite identification and metabolism elucidation in metabolomics and natural materials research.
  • It is used to identify the structure of the compounds by means of high-sensitivity cryogenic 800-MHz NMR and UPLC-QTOF MS after separating the mixture by LC.

Representative Research Case

Snail reprograms glucose metabolism by repressing phosphofructokinase PFKP, allowing cancer cell survival under metabolic stress

We showed that Snail (SNAI1) is a key transcriptional repressor of the epithelial–mesenchymal transition (EMT). It regulates glucose flux toward the pentose phosphate pathway (PPP), allowing cancer cell survival under metabolic stress.

A diagram and quantification of the changes in intracellular metabolites following inducible knockdown of PFKP in MDA-MB-231 cells.


  • Metabolomic biomarker and signature discovery by integrated metabolic profiling analysis
  • Identification of mixture using LC-SPE-NMR/MS hyphenated system