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Bioimaging Research

Bioimaging Research

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Based on animal MRI (9.4 T, 4.7 T) and human MRI (7 T, 3 T) systems and imaging technologies (including the image acquisition/processing technology and the contrast media application technology), we have conducted researches on brain disease/anatomy and disease-targeting diagnosis/tracing.

Research Focus

  • Research on 7 T human MRI-based technologies (HW improvement study, pulse sequence, image reconstruction, etc.)
  • Research on improvement of technologies using perfusion images, diffusion images, functional images, and spectroscopic images
  • Studies of disease diagnosis and follow-up based on MR-optical imaging instrument
  • Practical use of cutting-edge equipment through translational research based on joint research collaboration

Representative Research Cases

Development of Glutamate CEST MRI method

  • Glutamate CEST MRI method showed comparable signal differences between normal and dementia monkey brains. It is feasible to diagnose dementia early and precisely by using this method at 7 T human MRI.
  • Comparison of GluCEST images between normal and
dementia monkey at 7 T human MRIComparison of GluCEST images between normal and dementia monkey at 7 T human MRI