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The Chuncheon Center provides high-standard analysis support services by establishing world-class nano-imaging (analytical HR-SEM, EF-TEM, FE-TEM), cellular imaging (MP-CLSM, Intravital-CLSM, SPIM) and biological imaging facilities (IVIS-200, LagoX, Micro-CT), and by developing new analytical methods that can be utilized by professionals. It provides joint research for solving issues faced by regional small- and medium-sized enterprises and promotes joint research with universities and other research institutes through active research connections. The Center aims to become a world-class biological imaging facility.

Chuncheon Center


Jiphyeongwan, Gangwon National University, 1, Gangwondaehak-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea [24341]
Tel. 033-250-7275 Fax. 033-255-7273