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Development of analytical science research equipment will be performed to secure core technology for research equipment and contribute to the development of the domestic research equipment industry. We selected seven types of entrylevel, leading-level, and pioneering-level to secure infrastructure and core technologies. The Scientific instrument reliability assessment center (SIRAC) has been established to build the reliability evaluation system for domestic research equipment. The Use laboratory in SIRAC will contribute to the improvement of the reliability of domestic research equipment through comparison, evaluation, diagnosis, improvement, and support.

Main Research Field

1st Domestically development of Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

  • Development of key component technologies of low-end TEM
  • Development of key component technologies of Cs-corrected TEM

Electro-Magnetic Properties measurement System (EMPS)

  • Development of fundamental technology and electro-magnetic properties measurement system
  • Development of property analysis platform and its application

Advanced optical imaging system instrumentation

  • Development of thermal reflectance microscopy and its application
  • Development of multi-modal (optical coherence, multi photon, thermal reflectance, fluorescence) microscopy and its application

Mass Spectrometry and Advanced Instrumentation Research

  • Development of cluster TOF-SIMS system for analyzing organic samples

Development of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) equipment

  • Development of key component technologies of high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet NMR equipment
  • Domestically development of 9.4T all-REBCO HTS NMR magnet for 400MHz solid-state NMR equipment

Representative Research Cases

The first development of low-end transmission electron microscope

  • We developed 1st testbed of 30kV transmission electron microscope (TEM) which have FEG system. This instrument have advantages of minimizing the beam damages and enhancement of image contrast. Therefore, it is expected that low-end TEM could be optimized and useful tool for imaging of light element or biological samples.
  • 1st testbed of
  • Image & diffraction pattern of Au standard sample
  • Images of mouse brain hippocampus

Development of Electro-Magnetic Properties measurement System (EMPS) using an Electromagnet

  • Design and fabrication of proto-type EMPS measuring hall coefficient as well as magnetic characteristics under variable magnetic field was successfully carried out. It has higher magnetic field efficiency than commercial equipment and will be applied to the development of new material and components using an advanced analysis technology.
  • Hall coefficient
    measurement system
    using electromagnet
  • Magnetic property
    measurement system
    using electromagnet
  • Components for improving sensitivity and FORC measurement & analysis

Development of the world's best performance temperature microscope

  • Temperature distribution due to heat generated when micro-sized components such as semiconductors, display thin film transistors, light emitting diodes and semiconductor lasers operate can be measured with high resolution (0.3 μm, the world's highest resolution). In addition, the world's first confocal thermal reflectance microscopy technology was developed to measure internal heat distribution. Furthermore, the development of multidimensional models for the performance evaluation of newly developed equipment is also actively underway.
  •  flexible display/ Thin film transistor  /  Infrared thermal emission microscope / KBSI Thermo-reflectance microscope

Development of world class level cluster ion beam TOF-SIMS

  • The first gas cluster primary ion beam has been domestically developed by KBSI. And cluster ion beam 3D mass imaging TOF-SIMS has been developing for analysis of organic or bio samples. With thses key elemental thechnology, commercial TOF-SIMS are being developed with domestic company.
  • 3D imaging
  • 1st organic cluster
    ion beam
  • Development of liquid metal ion beam for TOF-SIMS

Development of a world-class all-REBCO magnet system

  • We developed a 9.4 T all-REBCO HTS NMR magnet system for 400 MHz solid-state NMR equipment. The field strength is the highest w.r.t. a field portion HTS takes over among HTS-only or hybrid (HTS-LTS or HTS-Bitter) NMR magnets developed ever. We developed core technologies such as shimming, high-precision field-quality evaluation, and high-frequency RF technologies as well. We achieved a world-class spatial field homogeneity (0.55 ppm @ 10 mmDSV) using the developed 9.4 T all-REBCO HTS magnet. It is expected that the developed core technologies can play a critical role as a platform technology for domestic development of GHz NMR equipment and/or high-field MRI magnets in the future.
  • 9.4T all-REBCO
  • Best spatial field homogeneity as of Sept. 2019 (0.55 ppm @ 10 mmDSV)
  • State-of-the-art HTS Magnets selected by Continuum: KBSI’s 9.4T all-REBCO NMR magnet