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Bioconvergence Analysis

Bioconvergence Analysis Major Research Activities(x) Home

In the Division of Bioconvergence Analysis, R&D and research supporting activities of life and biomedical sciences are carried out in the field of convergence biotechnology through the convergence of bioanalytical techniques. Efforts are exerted to establish original technologies in basic sciences, and a significant contribution is made to solving problematic issues of the nation and society. Especially, bioequipment of the best quality in the nation is installed at KBSI, and state-of-the-art analytical techniques are developed. Furthermore, collaborative research and analytical services are provided to the scientific community using the installed equipment and the developed technologies.
  • Biomedical Omics Research Team
  • Biological Disaster Research Team
  • Drug & Disease Target Research Team
  • Protein Structure Research Team
  • Bioimaging Research Team