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Campus Map

Daedeok HQs (Daejeon) Campus Map > About KBSI Home

Basic Information

169-148, Gwahak-ro,Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
  • Division of Analytical Science
    • Research Center for Materials Analysis
  • Division of Scientific Instrumentation & Management
    • Center for Research Equipment
  • Division of Policy
  • Division of Management
  • NFEC(National Research Facilities & Equipment Center)

Headquarters Map

1KBSI Main BuildingDivision of management and policy including some facilities back
  • Location: First floor, room #133 of KBSI main building
  • Hours: 9:40~10:40 (Weekday)
  • Hana bank dispatch their employee to our institute. At this bank counter, you can get help in opening a bank account. You will need to present your passport or alien registration card. Please make sure you check the business hours before visiting.

* Hana and Kookmin bank ATMs are also available at the same location from 9:00~18:00.

  • Location: Underground floor of KBSI main building
  • Hours: Lunch 11:30~12:50 /
    Dinner 17:30~18:30
  • Price: Lunch 4,500KRW / Dinner 4,000KRW

* Using ID card would be more convenient than buying individual meal tickets. The fee will be automatically deducted from your salary.

Snack Shop (Emart 24)
  • Location: Underground floor of KBSI main building
  • Hours: 24-hour (All day)
  • Item: Stationary items, snacks, drinks, first-aid medicine, take-out coffee, etc.

* The staff stays from 9:00 to 17:30 during the working hours, but you need to use the self- checkout payment system during the subsequent hours.

2Research Building 1
3Research Building 2
4Research Building
5Electron Microscopy BuildingThe High Voltage Electron Microscope (HVEM) for structural analysis at atomic-resolution
  • Researcher Office
  • ESEM Room
  • HVEM Room
  • EPMA Room
  • FE-TEM/STEM Room
  • HT XRD Room
  • EF-TEM Room
  • Administration Offices
  • Bio-TEM Room
6Administration & Welfare BuildingNational Research Facilities & Equipment Center(NFEC) and dormitory back
VIP Room
VIP Room
  • Type: In-Campus
  • Location: Third to sixth floor of administration & welfare building
  • Common: Laundry facilities, kitchen included

* Bedding (pillow, mattress cover, etc.) shall be prepared individually

Monthly Fee(KRW) Daily Fee(KRW)
VIP Room 320,000 25,000
Single Room 280,000 20,000
Twin Room 150,000 15,000

* The fee will be automatically deducted from your salary.

Single Room
Twin Room
Fitness Center
  • Location: First floor of administration & welfare building
  • Equipment: treadmills, cycling machine, various weight training equipment, etc.

* Taking shower is also available.

7Smart Open Lab24-hour open laboratory for external users
EPower Plant
9K-Star Experimental Building
10Korea institute of Fusion Energy
8Daycare Center